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You can also find the facial studio on facebook for specials every month.
The service here is really good. looking forward to my monthly appointments to relax and enjoy.
I have been going to this studio since its inception and it is an extremely comfortable and professional facial studio. When you walk into the studio you feel at home. Nice clean surroundings.

I have never had a facial and had started to want to a little preventative maintenance now that I am getting a little older. I really wanted to try the microdermabrasion She was very accomodating and told me she could do the microderm and an eyebrow threading instead of the microlift. Which she did on a follow-up visit.

When I went to the studio, I was pleasantly greeted by Camille. She had given me detailed instructions on how to get to her specific studio, so I had no problem finding it. I kind of like the fact that it is just her and her studio. I have been to overpriced large salons for other things and have found you are paying more for the decor than you are for a service.

She even has great skin care products like Meaningful Beauty, and offered valuable tips and advice, mind you free of charge. My experience was lovely. First, she threaded my eyebrows. I have NEVER let anyone touch my eyebrows before. She did an amazing job. We talked for a bit while she did the facial. She was very easy to talk to and was very thorough. I didn't feel like she missed a spot, but rather went over it twice. She was also quiet when I was relaxing once the facial mask was on, which smelled divine! She checked several times to make sure I was comfortable.

The prices of her services and products are so reasonable! I didn't feel like I was being hustled when she offered follow-up advice. She said I only really needed to do a facial once every two months for maintenance (FYI and not to toot my own horn: I am very lucky to have really great skin). My only disappointment was that I can't go as often as I would like to. So glad I found her!